Calais ‘jungle’ blanket tear gassed four times through night following right wing protests… Completly Unprovoked… Videos attached

It was a quiet day in the camp as the fascists conducted a rolling road block around Calais’ euro tunnel. In the evening as the sun set and the refugees played cricket and football on the strip between the camp and the motorway.

Out of nowhere 4 CRS ( French riot police) vans pulled up and 4 squads got out and move the refugees back into the camp. Every one fell back to a bank around the camp as the police indiscriminately started to fire a huge volly of c.s. gas into the crowd. The whole camp was engulfed in a thick smog of the toxic gas.

Later that night, as people where settling down, around 10.30 pm the popping of the c.s. guns started up again, and as it was dark, some footage was available in this place where no one wants to be on camera. Here’s some pix for now… Videos up tomorrow eve.

What I cannot cope with seeing, is the incredulous looks on the faces of these poor people, who have fled their HOME lands around the world due to western aggression, to have to come and try and scratch a living in a filthy asbestos dump, just to be shelled with c.s. gas, like they are a criminals… !!!


‘Why do they do this’ one man asked me as we conversed over the screen in front of us…

What would you have said to him?



8 thoughts on “Calais ‘jungle’ blanket tear gassed four times through night following right wing protests… Completly Unprovoked… Videos attached

  1. Because they can!

    They can treat these people as they please.

    Our government order and agree these actions.

    The powers that be will treat anyone they can get away with like this. Especially you and I.


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    1. I agree in part, that they do because they can, and yes, they order and agree actions and agendas of which we have no clue… But, in inaction at the results of our leaders orders we are mearly following along like lambs to the slaughter. No? I come away from volunteering in Calais so energised to take action… It really is all I want to do now. It’s highly addictive. To volunteer contact and it’s not all tear gas attacks. See video of what is like at the distribution warehouse (auberge d’immigrants)
      You can usually feel the escalation way before any violence, and it’s usually un provoked by the refugees. Don’t believe the hype. They have come from a very real war… How many do you think want to pick a fight with the French armed police for a laugh?
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  2. How few realise that these people are merely the Guinea pigs for what the leaders of the ‘Civilised West’ will before long unleash on their own people.

    From Gaza to North Dakota to the streets of Westminster, the same tactics are being deployed, honed and developed by those who view 99% of humanity as mere livestock.

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    1. I’ll look into that, but this has been a pretty regular thing at the camp, and others… Night long range, indiscriminate c.s. gas shelling. Iv read many accounts online, as well as heard it first hand from residents there and volunteers. In Greece the army conducted a field training exercise two fields over from a population of thousands of people who have been bombed from their country…and apparently spending 2 m of our money on a concrete wall round Calais port will sort it all out quick smart… Why didn’t we think of that instead of the war to begin with eh…


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