Festival Text Lottery idea…

I had this idea a few years ago at a festival to raise money to buy rain forest as a carbon offsetting idea, but didn’t persue it as I left the country.  I have been conducting a survey at both WOMAD and BoomTown this year, and found that almost exactly half of the people would play.

Basic premise :-

  • Set up a text competition service or possibly build an app to receive texts from participant’s.
  • Set prizes with festival organisers, such as a few pairs of tickets to the following years event.
  • Advertise the competition at each festival willing to participate, in the literature, websites and on the ground at events with stickers on back of toilet doors and with banners and flyers, also bumper stickers…
  • Put resulting profits 100% to refugees causes through registered charities helping refugees eat and survive through Europe and the middle east.
  • Put out figures raised along with a huge thanks you to all…

We plan to establish a charity to run this idea before the festival season starts again next spring.  Any logistical advice or help very welcome… If you are a festival organiser please contact me here with your views and ideas on how we can make this work for your event. Full business plan available asap.

Dav – monkeyboyandmojo@yahoo.co.uk

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