About us

All About Change is a collective of people from all around the world who came together through a want to help people and planet in situations of need and respond to ongoing humanitarian and environmental crises.

Many of us met in the Calais ‘Jungle’ in 2016, others joined along the way in Serbia, Greece, Italy or from protest movements in the UK.

As a collective, we aim to deliver solidarity and solutions, not charity. In times of need, we work on the ground alongside refugees and migrants to deliver aid and support where it is most needed.

Refugees are in crisis throughout Europe. Some of our volunteers are currently in Athens with the Mazi Housing Project, another is in Calais with the Calais Woodyard Project, and one forging links with people living on the Polish border and heading there shortly.

We’re a CIC, set up to to help communities in the UK and throughout Europe and beyond with essential items while enduring refugee status and afterwards while integrating into host societies. We also take action to highlight environmental issues including deforestation, armed conflict and global destruction of living environments. 

You can find the latest update on our current work with refugees here



Our current project

We’re currently fundraising to help refugees trapped on the Polish border, see Our Current Project page for more details.