About us

All About Change is a collective of people from all around the world who came together through a want to help people and planet in situations of need and respond to ongoing humanitarian and environmental crises.

Many of us met in the Calais ‘Jungle’ in 2016, others joined along the way in Serbia, Greece, Italy or from protest movements in the UK.

As a collective, we aim to deliver solidarity and solutions in times of need, we work on the ground alongside refugees and migrants to deliver aid and support where it is most needed, and. Also respond to environmental situations in both the UK and worldwide when we feel it is of importance. 

Refugees are in crisis throughout Europe, and as many of us have strong links with volunteers around the continent, we offer fundraise and support projects with which we have been involved over the years. 

We’re a CIC, set up to to help communities in the UK and throughout Europe and beyond with enduring refugee status and afterwards while integrating into host societies. We also take action to highlight environmental issues including deforestation, armed conflict and global destruction of living environments. 

Refugee support this year is focusing on fundraising to build more sleep pods to distribute this winter in Europe. 



Our current project

We’re currently fundraising to help support many projects including but not solely helping to raise funds to maintain a safe level of skill for direct action volunteers so they can be safe while carrying out voluntary tasks at hight on camps and campaigns for environmental protection. This training is based in the UK, and we have run one course this year, and hope to be offering another in the autumn too.