Belarus border crisis livestream solidarity event with food in Bristol! 29th Dec 2021

ITS ALL ABOUT … NOW! Digital Soli (benefit gig) with Kufa (food for all) to build Sleep Pods for Belarus border crisis fundraiser!

Join us for an international meal with good music and a digital information feed. We want to bring people together from various humanitarian voluntary organisations across Europe.

We will be sharing information about groups and ways to get involved in actions of solidarity. (A kind of a digital food not bombs for info!)

Join us in person on the 29th December for good food in…

Bristol (pizza at the Red Lion pub) where we will have information displayed via a live stream.

**The rest of you can join us online on the night, link here nearer the time*

We invite you to join in the conversation in the comments section where we can work on SOLIDARITY AND SOLUTIONS! Info in the comments will include links to various groups who work with refugees across Europe.


Crystal Distortion

Chris Hill ( No Border Sounds)

Jay Terrestrial (Inner Terrestrials) Acoustic Set

Ixindamix (Spiral Tribe)

Bagz (Dead Silence Syndicate)

Ed Cox (Life for Land)

DJ YBA (Spaceship/czentrafuga)

Food details and telegram groups for both cities here

Order Pizza in Bristol for collection at the Red Lion. Join the Bristol Telegram group here for more info

**(Collection and delivery options posted in the group nearer the time)**

We will also be broadcasting information about other fundraisers and projects, including:

No Name Kitchen (Balkans and Spain)


The Calais Woodyard

The Sleep Pod Project

All About Change, and more to be confirmed!

**Open invitation to join the conversation from all aid groups so please share this!**

What’s the money for? We are currently raising funds to build and distribute sleep pods via groups distributing aid to refugees at the Belarusian border, as well as the Balkan crossing points. (See

Funds with be distributed to Balkanbrücke and All About Change (50/50)

You can donate to directly now via our GoFundMe.

The event on the 29th will also serve as an outreach point where we can recruit volunteers for the build events, which will most likely take place in the following days before New Years Eve. One of the sleep pod team is driving from the UK to Berlin to build the pods with us prior to delivery to the borders.

To volunteer to help build the sleep pods either on the 29th or in the following days please join this Telegram group.

This event will be a great opportunity to find out more about volunteering positions, by talking to those who are currently doing so, while sharing your support from the comfort of home. We hope to see you there for a new style of info sharing soli, which we hope that we can repeat and grow exponentially!


Past events

We are in the process of adapting the Refugee Art Trail yurt into a cafe/performance space, as the art alone does not make going to festivals worthwhile financially.  Having had over 10 years experience working at events such as Glastonbury festival, Boom Town and other events, we have joined forces with a touring catering outfit to be able to offer good food, music from our 12 v sound system -all completely powered by our solar generator! An off grid cafe with live music possible in evenings, all to raise funds and awareness of the refugee situation, and funnel funds back to where it is most needed, NGO’s on the ground in places like the Balkans and the Mediterranean.  We build bespoke tables and seating from wood we fell and mill ourselves, often with refugees as workshops in green woodworking. So the furniture is stunning, we can provide the truck as extra frontage for the outside seating area, an awning so it is covered, and a cinema projected onto the side of the truck. Our profits will be split between our own projects and those of NGO’s we’ve met along the way which we know are in dire need of funds due to largely being small, un-publisised groups too busy with the task at hand to promote them selves. These will include NO Name Kitchen, The Sea Eye, BelgrAID, and others.

Our yurt and refugee art exhibition in the campaigns area at Shindig festival 2019 (also attended 2018)


We love Shindig, it is always an amazing first festival of the season, and a chance to integrate with other campaign stalls and crews.  We met the legend Mark Tomas, and gave him a free t-shirt, and collected funds as well as spreading awareness about the refugee issue.

Boomtown Fair 2019

A blustery Boomtown, and the yurt stood strong, while other tents were forced to be taken down, our yurt was on the highest side of site, in the most windward position and we were pleased to say it was still standing come the end.  We also sold clothes made at the Brufruit project, a school in Gambia, and raised over £100 for the project. We meet the amazing Rodney P, see video… And made over £100 for refugee artists Reza Sagahdi and other friends from Iran and Afghanistan.