Bristol artists plan 200 foot,mobile, time line mural of refugees journeys here from around the world…

Light at the end of the tunnel…


The idea so far.. Crowd fund or find lots of 9mm marine ply (8 x 4foot sheets) and stand them up along the side of the tunnel I St Werburghs’, Bristol. Invite refugees with there children, as well as local school children, to paint a time line story wall mural on the boards, telling the story of their travels.

PRSC have promised to lend ladders and equipment, we have connections to refugees through Aid Box Convoy and Help Refugees and are now looking for support in the planning stage of this project from artists and refugees…

Please get in touch and comment or advise how you can help… maybe you have travelled to Calais to help out and have photos…

The exhibition can be moved around other tunnel locations around the country, and will not damage the tunnel, or existing art.

This is an open invitation to refugee, artists and any one with wood working skills, to come along and get involved at the mina Rd tunnel, St werburghs, Bristol, on the Friday eve, sat and Sunday of 23rd -25th of sept 16. On Friday eve we will be setting up the boards, so hand wood work types needed most… Background painting will also be started by local graffiti artists ready for painting the following day.  We invite people with stories to tell of their journeys to Bristol and the uk to bring their side as and memories, along with printed stories, photos and any other media and we hope to make a huge piece of collaborative art as a lasting memory of what people go through to reach the ‘west’…

Please help by liking and forwarding this, and look out for upcoming meeting dates… 1 love. X



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