The story so far…

We are a collective of people from all around the world who came together primarily out of a want to help people and planet in situations of need, both environmentally and in cases of humanitarian crisis. Some of us met in the Calais “jungle” at its hight in 2016, others joined along the way in Serbia, Greece or in the UK at events such as the Extinction Rebellions, or the DCSI Arms trade fair protest. Irrespective of our origins, we aim to deliver solidarity, not charity, in times of need, uncovering the true roots of problems and causes of situations and promoting effective, permacultural solutions which deliver aid where it is most needed.

IMG-20170309-WA0024We have worked in Calais in 2016 with Help refugees, building shelters and delivering loads with my crane truck at the infamous ‘jungle camp’, with Refugee Community Kitchen, putting on benefit gigs and helping with promotion,  in Dunkirk with ABC, delivering firewood and making wood burners for the school. In Serbia in 2017 with No Name Kitchen and BelgrAID. Installing lighting for the residents of the huge squatted camp ‘the barracks’ in Belgrade.  In 2016-17 on Lesvos at One Happy Family we built 2 new classrooms for the Isreali run ‘School of peace’, the only school for refugee children on the island, and in Athens in 2018 with Athens Kids Klub and in some of the huge squatted schools which became homes for upward of 150 people.  On Sicily and Malta I have helped as an individual, volunteering on the Sea Watch and the Mission Lifeline rescue vessels while in port carrying out routine maintenance on the ships.


The volunteering life is highly challenging, but extremely addictive. you become more inclined to work for free than for money after a while, and i have never looked back and wish to get more and more involved the more i do.   The dream is to set up a community base in Greece where we can welcome refugees into western society. Please see the ‘projects’ page


Previous crowd funding projects

Teach a man to fish initiative… See project page for full description.

Many fathers I met on Lesovs were fishing with just line and hooks to feed their children something better than the food provided in the camps.  My family and friends donated some rods while I was back home for Christmas and once back I gave them out to a very happy bunch of guys at the beach to use…


Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 15.46.20 This spring we hope to raise enough money to give out a number of fishing rods on Lesvos, Samos and Chios.  We really want to find funds for over 100 fishing rods, as that’s only 33 for each of the three islands. So at €39 each that’s €4000 to raise. And please bear in mind that the total shown on our crowd funder homepage has all been spent on past projects already over the year few years, this is a new project, and our total funding is zero at present, giving us a month and a half to raise the funds.  We will pay our own transport and accommodation costs, so the funds you donate will go solely to the equipment.