Lesvos – Winter is coming

These are images of the squats on Lesvos where I find myself living.   The refugees living here prefer to live in these windowless shells of buildings than in the government run camps, which are nearly at double capacity, with people sleeping OUTSIDE on the ground!  Large NGO's are busy in the camps, but there … Continue reading Lesvos – Winter is coming

Serbia/Hungarian border, where the migrants are being literally BEATEN back by racist police!?! WTF year are we living in???

A view on the life of a volunteer helping the migrants in Serbia, and their struggle to stay alive while crossing the border to hungary.

Coffee table for sale to support refugee makers

This piece was worked on my 3 people, from different countries, one Afghan, one Egyptian and myself, from the UK. We milled the timber in Serbia, Salim, from Kabul, and some others friends found the login a derelict train siding where the people were squatting trains and workshops. The situation was dire and having things … Continue reading Coffee table for sale to support refugee makers

Belarus border crisis livestream solidarity with food in Berlin and Bristol! 29th Dec 2021

ITS ALL ABOUT … NOW!!! Digital Soli (benefit gig) with Kufa (food for all) to build Sleep Pods for Belarus border crisis fundraiser! Join us for an international meal with good music and a digital information feed. We want to bring people together from various humanitarian voluntary organisations across Europe. We will be sharing information … Continue reading Belarus border crisis livestream solidarity with food in Berlin and Bristol! 29th Dec 2021

Lesvos fascist uprising feb/2020

Arriving on Lesvos to distribute fishing equipment this week we could not know what would await us. There had been a flare up between locals and police over the building of the new closed prison camp on the island to house new arrivals, but as we made the ferry trip from the main land to … Continue reading Lesvos fascist uprising feb/2020

Stop DSEI arms fair protest 2019

After a week of road blocking actions aiming to disrupt the set up of the largest arms fair in Europe, we aim to block the access to the East approach to the conference center today as we feel the level of complicity this country plays in arming some of the world's worst dictatorships is completely … Continue reading Stop DSEI arms fair protest 2019

Extinction Rebellion

Extinction rebellion protests have been occurring over London and worldwide this week. In London protestors have been occupying 4 sites for almost a week - parliament square, Waterloo bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch. This has done an incredible job of disrupting the routine of London and getting people to slow down and pay attention … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion

Ventimiglia – Italy. Refugees need support in freezing conditions… 1/3/18

Arriving at the Italian French border last night was like going back to the Calais 'jungle' but in snow. 300 plus people shelter from the biting snow under a motorway bridge in tents and tarpaulin structures and huddle around fires of plastic, old blankets and what ever else will burn. There are a rag tag … Continue reading Ventimiglia – Italy. Refugees need support in freezing conditions… 1/3/18

WINTER IS HERE, and open fires in squats is the standard heating option again…

Wood burners, welders, and donations for fire wood needed on lesvos in squatted refugee accomadation...

Peaceful protest for relocation from Lesvos – island prison

Please forward and write to your MP to pressure the greek government to open the way from Island prisons to the mainland to find their families, work and a better life!