WINTER IS HERE, and open fires in squats is the standard heating option again…


So just as with Belgrade last year, the only option for some refugees, living in squatted accomadation on the greek islands, for heating amd cooking, is to light open fires in their warehouse homes.

I am the only volunteer living in these warehouses with the refugees who refuse to be corraled into the triple over number camp on Lesvos… And its not nice, by day I help build structures like doctors surgeries, school rooms, gyms and such in a family center called One Happy Family nearby, but once back at the squat every evening I am innundated by requests for gas bottles, batteries for lights, pipes to repare water supplies and many more such essential requirements we all take for granted as human rights.

We have been promised wood burners by a large charity, but things move soo slowly in this world of aid and ngo’s we may as well start making our own… as they will probably not arrive till spring!

Please spread this link and donate through the link on this page to my crowdfunder…

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