WINTER IS HERE, and open fires in squats is the standard heating option again…

Wood burners, welders, and donations for fire wood needed on lesvos in squatted refugee accomadation...

Lesvos – Winter is coming

These are images of the squats on Lesvos where I find myself living.   The refugees living here prefer to live in these windowless shells of buildings than in the government run camps, which are nearly at double capacity, with people sleeping OUTSIDE on the ground!  Large NGO's are busy in the camps, but there … Continue reading Lesvos – Winter is coming

Forest school in serbia for refugee minors.

25/4/17 - A day out in the woods, climbing trees, running down forest paths screeching , catching Gundagir the dig, and generally having fun, like young boys should. A huge thanks to all who made this possible, and please, spread the link to this if u have 5 minutes so we can continue to offer … Continue reading Forest school in serbia for refugee minors.

Day 1 – Belgrade refugee camp ‘the Baracks’

So ... we arrived yesterday lunch time, and spent the day meeting people and getting shown around and filled in on how the camp runs.  MSF have a small presence with 3 heated tents, 2 kitchens split the work of cooking around 400 meals, twice a day, there is the soul food kitchen, and the … Continue reading Day 1 – Belgrade refugee camp ‘the Baracks’