Coffee table for sale to support refugee makers

This piece was worked on my 3 people, from different countries, one Afghan, one Egyptian and myself, from the UK. We milled the timber in Serbia, Salim, from Kabul, and some others friends found the login a derelict train siding where the people were squatting trains and workshops. The situation was dire and having things to keep busy was, we hoped, helpful for the people there.

After drying the slab for a year while away working in Lesvos and Sicily, I returned and took it down to Athens, where I volunteered the next winter. There I met an Egyptian carpenter who wishes to remain anonymous, he planned and sanded the piece flat over a few days.

I then brought it back to the UK where I added the steel tubes as legs and varnished the surface.

1/4 of the proceeds will go to each of the refugee who worked on this,with the last half going towards materials, transport and my own time spent on the piece.

Price £550


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