Stop DSEI arms fair protest 2019

After a week of road blocking actions aiming to disrupt the set up of the largest arms fair in Europe, we aim to block the access to the East approach to the conference center today as we feel the level of complicity this country plays in arming some of the world’s worst dictatorships is completely unacceptable and a gross weight on our moral and economic consciences. In a world where war crimes are committed daily by ourselves and many other nations, we feel it is impossible not to stand up against the companies profiting from the deaths of hundreds of thousands world wide.

Boris Johnson has already signed a huge deal with Saudi Arabia for arms, dispite not having been in power for enough time to blow his nose. The brutal invasion of Yemen and Sudan will see those weapons which we make HERE rain down on civilians as they already are, the continuation of these conflicts add to the grotesque tradgidies of the past decades in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, as well as lesser reported countries where our weapons kill and maim while we sit in our island ivory tower and watch soap operas and argue over which beer tastes better.  Distracted now by the oh so important Brexit delate, the biggest soap of them all, we forget the real world outside the veil is horiffic and bloody and murderous… And the biggest providers in all of this are living and working out of this country, American, Germany and a few other developed nations, while the vast majority of the world suffer indiscriminate violence basses on who we choose to destabilise and overthrow for the most need natural resource this year.

We at Campaign Against the Arms Trade believe it’s high time people in the developed world stand up for those who can’t by showing these companies we won’t stand for this any more on our soil…

This country should be leading the way into a  new era of world peace, not supplying armaments, torture devices and land mines to oppressive regimes.

People from all spectrums of life have come together here this week and it has been a terrible thing to have to do, but also an amazing experience of solidarity and strength in the holding of a space and a sharing of a task which must succeed if mankind is ever to evolve beyond a barbaric greed filled species into one that can coexist on this planet and live in peace with itself.




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