Extinction Rebellion

Extinction rebellion protests have been occurring over London and worldwide this week. In London protestors have been occupying 4 sites for almost a week – parliament square, Waterloo bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch. This has done an incredible job of disrupting the routine of London and getting people to slow down and pay attention to climate change. But this issue is more than looking at the fearful future of our environment. This is looking at why we got here and how to change it. It is an systemic issue. It is political. One thing we are using the space for is a platform for people to come discuss and learn and create solutions to this. We are raising awareness of why we are in this situation and this is why we chose parliament square as one of the sites. Raising the banners saying eyes on government inaction will call attention to May and her corrupt decision making. These are issues that link to climate change and beyond, to issues of human rights and justice. Theresa Mays husband is involved in a financial firm that invests in Defense, which was heavily involved in attacks in Syria. For me information please read the following –

Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May’s Husband’s Investment Firm Made a “Financial Killing” from the Bombing of Syria

This is not only problematic for the many innocent civilians killed,but also for our climate. War is a huge contributing factor to climate change – not only does it take funds away from investing in more sustainable and environmental friendly energy resources but it directly causes damage to the environment through releasing vast amounts of emissions, killing off habitats and land – for more information please read the following article – https://www.counterfire.org/articles/opinion/20224-why-stopping-wars-is-essential-for-stopping-climate-change

As well as it being a humanitarian and environmental issue it is political. This leads us to question the capability of our government – of people in the Houses of Parliament abusing their positions of power and not making decisions based on the welfare of humanity and our planet but based on how much profit their husband can make off others suffering and environmental degradation.
This is why we are calling for a citizens assembly. Ordinary people who live the reality of working in england, experience the over polluted cities, see the increasingly short winters and change in our resources, people who make decisions on what is right, on what is for the needs of people. We need to put the power and decisions in the hands of the people in the UK. We can not trust our government – they have been lying to us about climate change for far too long, they have been inactive for far too long, they have been letting big businesses get away with destroying our planet for far too long and they are making decisions based on profiting on war!

One thought on “Extinction Rebellion

  1. Hi rebels, it was really sad to see some of you being arrested today. I would like to thank you dor your actions,to grab media and people attention, we all need to wake up! People need alternatives, people need to understand our life habits are wrong and the system is a manipulation. Why don’t you create weekly meetings where everyone is invited and educated? Spread the i informations, destroy the wrong information and give to people a new way of thinking, alternatives ways of living, give people a real understanding, give them alternative options for a better living and saving the planet.Thank you for starting this movement, make it bigger and stronger.
    Rebels never Quit !


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