Appeal for fishing equipment for Lesvos and update on works by Refugee Art Trail

This week has seen our small team of two double, and some amazing result

After a weeks work here in the two occupied living spaces now renamed the All About Change buildings, we are please to post pictures of the clearing of a huge pile of disgusting rubbish, which was in a living space used by 25 people. We bagged up around 60 bags and are moving them out to the bins, which are emptied daily.  we painted over a lot of bad graffiti, making the places look bad to the local population, and thus threatening the longevity of the peoples homes…

And, thanks to Hope and Aid Direct giving a small donation, we have today made 5 temporary windows for the bigger of the two buildings, which as we are on the coast is going to make a huge difference. Thanks guys.

We are now appealing for fishing equipment, as we see a huge amount of people going to fish on the small beach near us, to supplement the terrible food the camps give. I meet my friend Javad on the shore at 7.30 this morning, fishing with a line tied around a plastic bottle.. ‘ if I had a rod, I could catch more fish for my family’ he said.

So if you have an old rod, net, or any fishing kit at all, please send it over to us here at the address below, and give a family a regular, free, improvement to their diet. Please spread to people and groups you know who mights help.



One thought on “Appeal for fishing equipment for Lesvos and update on works by Refugee Art Trail

  1. I am arriving from the US Monday. I am bringing a few fishing supplies with me. But I am not sure what kind of fish is being caught so close to the shore. Any additional information would be helpful!
    Thank you


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