Lesvos – Winter is coming

These are images of the squats on Lesvos where I find myself living.


The refugees living here prefer to live in these windowless shells of buildings than in the government run camps, which are nearly at double capacity, with people sleeping OUTSIDE on the ground!  Large NGO’s are busy in the camps, but there are only a few of us working  here in the autonomous spaces outside the scope of the charity money and government agencies.

HELP IS DESPERATELY NEEDED TO WINTERIZE THESE BUILDINGS, 10 people died last year IN MORIA CAMP, and while I’m here in a squat just down the road, I don’t want to hear of a repeat! Unfortunately, without some help with funding, this is still a possibility. We need people as well as funds, so if you have a spare week, month or are dissatisfied with your life and want to do something really worth while, come down for longer, flights are cheep and the work is so rewarding. Free accommodation and we eat together so costs aren’t alot.

And if all you can do is forward this link to our crowd funder, please do that… Unlike Tesco, every little helps.



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