13 year old’s testimony of beating at Hungarian boarder with Serbia…!?!

Hungarian police have been beating and torturing migrants trying to cross from the Balkans in to Europe, before sending them back across the border all winter, but a new video from fresh response now shows a 13 year old’s testimony as he describes how the police punched and kicked him, as well as settings  dogs on him, before soaking  him with water. This all happened at night before sending  him back across the border.  The filming was stopped due to the child’s obvious distress.

Keep in mind that after his ordeal, this minor, and all the others who face a similar reception to Hungary, after the west helped destroy their countries, are forced to cross a river, at night, into a woodland, where the wander lost for days to  weeks, trying desperately to find their way back to Subotica, after having  their phones and money stollen by the border police.


This link is to the video on first response’s facebook, please like and forward , and check the other videos for more harrowing accounts of what these peoe  have to go through, if you can deal with it…

We need funding to continue this work, so please donate what ever you can, and please help us by forwarding the link to this page, and the videos around d your social media as much as possible…

I won’t rant on to much here as the vids are the main story this week…



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