Belgrade barrack’s up date

2 weeks living with the refugees down here in Serbia, and I can honestly say, life is better than working my ass of in the UK…

Yes, I’m working harder here for no money, but the job satisfaction just blows my old life away… plus the people are so friendly and appreciative it makes the cost of getting g here, and leaving home pale into insignificance!

The other volunteers are some of the salt of the earth types you’d imagine, and all the donations iv got from all of my friends and family around the world have restored my faith in human nature no end, and made all our plans possible in a shorter time than I could have hoped for… the barracks are now 90% lit at night, off batteries we recharge from the camp generator in the day.

So we have been making a beautiful table from the wood I brought from Calais mixed with the rail sleepers from site here. It never ceases to amaze me how just when I’m running out if funds, or I need an expert, some/1 turns up, and the job gets done. Here are some pix of what all your kind donations have been used to build.  A huge thanks ! There are alot of smiles around the place.

Oh, and please keep em coming, as I’m heading north to the boarder camp o. Monday to start all over again, and there is alot let infrastructure there, with people drinking polluted water on 1 camp… 1st mission, water purification system…

Big love , and enjoy your comfortable lives… and be very thankful u have homes to live in!!!




3 thoughts on “Belgrade barrack’s up date

  1. Proud of you bro ! Hope I can join you in your mission to make this world a kinder and more compassionate place at some point. Good luck on the next camp you’re moving on to. Love bon x


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