Day 1 – Belgrade refugee camp ‘the Baracks’

So … we arrived yesterday lunch time, and spent the day meeting people and getting shown around and filled in on how the camp runs.  MSF have a small presence with 3 heated tents, 2 kitchens split the work of cooking around 400 meals, twice a day, there is the soul food kitchen, and the kitchen with no name… both are volunteer run. The wood delivery comes every other day, and is divided by ticket around the camp in wheel barrows.

The place is filthy, with windows missing, rubbish every where , open fires indoors still, but we have managed to stop the burning of railway sleepers soaked in diesel at least.  There is a tap high in a bare room being used as a shower, and no toilets.  The people are mainly from Afghanistan and the lawless areas between India and Pakistan such as the Hindi Kush. And their all male.

So today I set up a phone charging station outside my truck while playing music.



A lot of the boys really loved the tunes, and they are all so grateful for the help. Many speak on English and there is very little crime on site, so the feeling in general is very friendly. Tomorrow I plan to help some of the other volunteers  make big barbeques for a BIG shish kebab cook up soon…


So I hear the Hungarian boarder is much worse, with a tent camp with no running  water or amenities at all.  So we will head up there soon to make water heating burners and collect firewood.

I am however now completely skin,a and my insurance bill us due for the truck … so please guys, forward this around your networks and click on the crowd funding link below and bung what u can on there… oh and I found a beautiful black puppy today roaming the camp, so I got me a guard dog… gona call him Gundagir… Arabic for big gangster



Wood delivery is tomorrow, so I also sharpened a few axes, and fixed a guys shoe with silicone.



More when i can…

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