On the road to recovery …

A little view on what is like to leave ur home and travel south through France and Italy to help the Fugees in Serbia…

So this is my new lul home… kindly donated by my favourite scrap yard-Eco Vans, in Bristol…


A week (yes 7 days) of 12-18 hour days work in Mutonia has made it much more homely and ultimately more useful… solar panels kindly donated by the Bimble Inn ( thanks grant) fitted and connected, roof waterproofed, box and sides of trucky re-painted, and shit hot Graff job on the back by Andreas completed…


Nice 1 bruva!!!…  he’s my passenger, along with Lucio… here’s some more shots of the amazing  Mutonia, where the (A team live)



Plenty more on their website at


Happen to be listening to Morgan heritage’s – social network tune while promoting a FB site… doh! Synchro!

Anyhoo , of to Serbia soon, after a day more work on the truck itself, now that the box is fixed up trucky got jealous, threw her toys out the pram, and sprung an oil leak, a flat tyre, AND flat batteries after a week stationary on a shed… stroppy cow, so prob Tues now, getting to Serbia by weds I reckon. It’s cost a small fortune doing this guy’s, so if it flush, please hot the donate button somewhere near by and get the Mad Man a pint… Of diesel please…

More when I get there


Yeah, that Belgrade squat life for I don’t know how many thousands of desperate people… like last time… the journey is the jolly bit…

Miss y’all …come visit asap… know we’ll be well desperate for as much help as we can get when we get there- what ever you talents… gotta be better to help real people out, if even for a week, than watch trump send the world to hell in a hand cart on the Roger Melly…

16th feb… we made it to Belgrade!!!


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