Direct Action Volunteer … Stepping out of babylon!!!

So the time has come to put down my life here in the uk for a while…

I cannot watch as anymore people starve, freeze or are bombed to death, from my privileged position on a sofa in a warm comfy place, far removed from the harsh realities of life in a world only a few days drive from here.

I leave next week, to Greece, with as many wood burners and as much welding gear as I can take.

A huge thanks to all who have helped, and a huge please to those who have not yet… My boat has not sold, ( see other blog article) so I am asking for donations for fuel and living costs, (link t0 crowd funder on main page of blog) and will be posting blogs and videos along the way to show how its going.

While its exciting, its also a little full on, and I know I cant fully prepare for what awaits, so keep in touch y’all, it will be nice to feel like you’re interested by seeing messages and comments.

Please spread this, and check in when u can for updates as i wont av time to send txts out saying av a look at this…

Very tired from all the preparations so thats all for now… Big love people, and remember, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere… Its time to act!  Hope to see some action going on back here while Im gone that makes me wish I was home!

Stand up for what you believe in and try and make the world a better place while your still breathing eh!?!

3 thoughts on “Direct Action Volunteer … Stepping out of babylon!!!

  1. Morrre Firrre My friend! Do it for all of us who are bringing up the new teenage Bristolians and cannot come with you this time – we will all be here when you get back! Much Respek and Love
    Nat XXX


    1. Ta mate… likewise! We walk alongside each other against the flow of pointless mainstream culture already… Congo Natty may be donating soon! Feeling well bless now I’m doing what my heart desires rather than slogging along the treadmill… highly advise it! 1 love


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