Giant table for sale to fund refugee art workshop mission in Greece

So I recently finished this table.  I found this tree fallen in a wood some 3 years ago, and having obtained permission, I milled the wood and stored it to dry.  It was some of the first slabs I laid down properly, and it is finally dry.

It is spulted Beech, and stainless steel, and is roughly 8.5′ x 4.5′ finished with boat grade epoxy resin.

It has been a long time and a lot of work, but this piece is now available for sale, to fund me taking my saw mill down to Greece where i plan to find wood to mill and set up a workshop working the wood into creations with the refugees there. Quite a large magazine have said they will cover the project, so I really want to get moving and get down there asap. Please forward to any 1 you think might like this.

Asking for offers around £1700 now on ebay and gum tree


The Bowls are Burr oak and are £150 each

Contact me at



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