Narrowboat for sale to fund refugee mission, and to launch Bristol’s answer to ocean wide activism…

Seqoia -40 foot wooden top narrowboat -£39,950

A creation which has taken my friends and I over 5 years to make, is finally for sale. Wee took her apart right back to the hull inside and completely refurbished her.

I plan to buy a sea worthy vessel next so that we can take on bigger issues and help international campaigns with transport and skill sharing. But, if any kind individuals have a large sailing vessel they are not using… We have a competent crew of 5 with a mechanic, welder, navigator,  rigger as well as others with boat experience who are ready to leave the uk to go and aid the rescue efforts of refugees in the Mediterranean RIGHT NOW… We are looking g for a Sailing vessel of around 60 to 70 foot.

Please forward this post to interested parties to aid the sales process as I’m not on face crack… Thanks.

Full survey, 3 months ago, with valuation, along with re-blacking and new anodes.

£130 per sheet ultra marine ply, Lloyd’s guaranteed voidless, epoxy resined to original superstructure with filler similar to plastic concrete. Over coated with Sicomin fibre glass and resin, and yaught varnish.

Front doors by ‘bristol gnomes’, glass by Bristol creative glass.

Original mahogany ribs left exposed inside, offset with maple faced cladding.

Reclaimed wood used where possible, including mahogany doorframe, seating and lockbox, as well as bathroom floor cladding.

Morco instant gas water heater, 4 foot bath and shower.

Full size oven, new low wattage fridge, new burner by John Packer, Bristol.

12 and 240v electric circuits installed and tested. 100w solar panel and Steca charge controller. New leisure batteries.



To find and buy a 60-70 foot sail/motor vessel capable of carrying 15-20 people, and equipment to aid environmental catastrophes, and causes, and humanitarian campaigns, first Europe-wide and eventually world-wide.

Aims – Through facilitating transport for skilled people, with any tools they many need, we hope to promote inter-cultural skill sharing and problem solving on environmental and other issues, whilst broadcasting media based on the current events around the vessel as they unfold.  The refugees crisis would feature high on the priority list at the moment as too would the mega dams in the Amazon.  secondly the ship with be able to be used as a stage to produce a travelling show aimed at funding further travel/missions, as well as spreading awareness through the arts of the causes we are promoting at the time.

Funding- Once established as a CIC or charity, one funding stream I aim to pursue is outlined in the blog post entitled festival lotto idea. I think this would raise enough yearly to run the ship.  We also aim to self fund through the shows, but that will mainly cover living costs for the crew and running costs for the boat… Thus leaving fund raised money for the sole purpose of doing the job it was donated for, not feeding and transporting the crew too.

1)-Sell Seqoia

2)- Form group

3)-Festival applications for lotto idea for funding

(go to Greece for a few months with help refugees-look out for cheep boats)

4)- BUY new boat and deck out for shows…write and produce show program bands – book venues and draw up calendar – plot coarse.

5) 1 year in hopefully trade vessel in for a larger one.

6) Start to offer training on board for new crew.

6 thoughts on “Narrowboat for sale to fund refugee mission, and to launch Bristol’s answer to ocean wide activism…

  1. Learn to spell ffs 😉
    E.g. Yacht varnish (for someone to know so much about boats but doesn’t know how to spell a yacht? Lmao…

    Or- Cheap, not cheep (-that is what birds do)
    And…many more.
    Good luck with your endeavours and plans though! All the best, and don’t drown…or is it drauwn? 😀


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